Monday, November 28, 2011

squat on this and spin!

squats... so my knee has been hurting.
but i walked, stretched and stretched some more. while squatting my knee feels fine. but it feels like a midget is jabbing an ice pick into a nerve slightly above where a butt cheek would be if i had any. so i did some further stretching and hanging and stretching. then i did 2 more squats with a whopping 135. and i was done. suck shit is my knee feels good. i went and did some shrugs and got heavy. felt great. then i went to move to something else. and every douche in the world is at my gym. thats what i get for going at 5pm the monday after thanksgiving, where everyone is working off their guilty weekend. f it. i have mac n cheese, and a half gallon of egg nog to work on. happy times! :)

oh yea. I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. I got to hang out with my mom which was super cool. even though i drove 528miles this weekend. stay thankful and humble.

peace out side.

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