Monday, November 21, 2011

Just another manic Monday.

 so yesterday we threw. the wonderful group of OC Highlanders got down to business as usual on the weekend at villa park high school.

Stones: full spin. spotty. needs many workings. 33ft.
Light weight: feels solid, and fast: 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 56... then i was tired. good practice series for me!
Light hammer: 96, 97, 96. I want to re do the screws and washers in my boots. i feel they may fail me soon.
Sheaf: 20ft..... with a 10lb bad, whomp whomp whomp. but thats all we had out there.
WOB, 1 throw with Jim's Ballistica 42 lbs, 14ft. and done. wasnt into it much.
all in all had fun! like always! duh.

Monday lifts:
Squat: bar x 10, 135x8x2, 225x8x2.
Shrug: 205x8, 295x8, 385x8, 475x8
Dips, 10x4, i used the assisted thing because im a fat ass. but im working on body weight dips. i just cant do 4 sets of 10 yet.
Quad, Leg Lifts: 160x10, 180x10, 200x10, 220x10.
Crunches: 2x15, 10 on each side. next week moves to russian twist with the med ball. 

so my knee popped today, like a knuckle. and it hurt like it did a few months ago when i 'Hyper-compressed' it, then really facked it off in vegas. So i called a person i knew would steer me in the right direction for advice. I had a nice 10 minute brisk walk to warm it up, stretched the hell out of everything around my knees, wore a brace for compression and to retain heat... and my squats felt amazing! not much weight but i was so in controll. Thanks Jumbo Jake!

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