Monday, December 5, 2011


Round two... FIGHT.
after the first cycle of my new little workout bit... i feel good. i took a week off. threw this weekend and saw possible little gains. today was day one of cycle two.

bar x 4


Chest flys. cable machine. 25lbs (resistance!?)
12 High flys, 12 mid flys, 12 low flys. (go away moobs!)

situps, decline bench.
6 full situps followed immediately by 6 more with a twist in each direction at the bottom x3
then 10 full situps trying to keep the core as tight as possible.... and not throw up.

so in the second cycle of this program im thinking this: this month is going to focus on strength. i want to move my weight up as much as i can this cycle. 3 weeks on and 1 week of put me at the beginning of january. January I want to up the reps and lower the sets and weight. so i can work on speed. maybe 1 heavy week in Jan, and the other 2 light and fast. that will give me my one week off as rest right before the opening games for me at Queen Mary. so please... lemme know how i can tweek this to make it work. or if it sounds good... or if it sounds like total dog shit!

im moving this month too. and working full time. so its a tight squeeze for me as far as time for everything. and my current room mates are jack holes. this FN guy wants it 80 degrees in the house. and ever time i walk past the thermostat down the hall (oh i dunno... there's a bathroom, all of our bedrooms) he chases me down the hall to make sure i haven't turned it down. i tell ya. id like to turn his fucking syndrome down! but itll all be over come the end of the month. heater nazi!

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