Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed. Push day.

working late means hitting the gym late, well later than I usually do. 5pm is peak time and equipment availability can become scarce. one day when I own my own home I would like to have have a nice squat rack and a bench, with a couple of bars and some serious LBS to play with. till then I will dream, and share the germ ridden hippy hole with every other text-o-matic social hour while on the gym floor douche.

total gym time - 66 min
8 min brisk walk to warm up these creaky joints
couple minutes of stretching... and into the sea i go.

Bench press: bar x 10, 115x8, 135x6, 155x6x2. 36reps (super weak spot. but I'm trying!..I WILL improve)
Decline press: 96x8, 146x8, 166x6, 186x6x2. 34reps
Plate Swings: 10xLeft, 10xRight, take a nap then go round 2 same sequence. die. (but I like it)
Shoulder press: bar x 6, 65x6, 95x6, 115x4x2. 26 reps (only available 'station' was a smith type machine that wouldn't go high enough for me to stand press. so i grabbed an adjustable seat and sat 80 degrees and pressed from there. still works, no!? I think it was stricter than a standing press, Because I like to use the legs to push off with a little leverage to get the bar up. From a seated position I didn't have that momentum available to me.)

Muchos Gracias to Del Taco for my post workout meal. Macho chicken burrito with no beans, and 2 classic chicken tacos! and to my room mates dog for not shitting on the floor. and to all the people I've competed against and will continue to do so next season that didn't make it to the gym today or chose not to... IM BRIDGING THE GAP sukkas!



  1. If you drive with the legs on a shoulder press it becomes a push press.

    Dig the workout log bro

  2. Standing press is great for core work.