Monday, June 4, 2012

Whip it, whip it good! Mid season thing.

So I've taken this season on as full steam as I can, going to highland games after game after game. It just turned June and by the end of the month I will have already competed in 12 events across the country and around the world. Ok so mainly southern California, a few in Arizona, 1 in las Vegas, but I did go to Germany which was awesome!

I'm starting to feel worn thin. But let's face it...there's nothing thin about me! I competed 3 weekends in a row, had a weekend of rest and went camping, then settled in for 4 more weekends in a row which brings me to today. I've had very little to no time to lift for strength or speed, not that i own much of either. I'm officially the worst pro level competitor ever, I haven't made a single dollar at any event, but that's ok, because I'm not a pro level competitor and Because I've been able to talk to people and build more friendships than ever, and that you can't hang a price tag on!

I've just been hit with a new workout routine which takes into consideration my daily job of very physical activity, so I'm very excited to get on board and back into my bully box. The season slows a little from here on out, so when this new rhythm is in full swing, I will be pushing for stronger, faster lifts, and farther throws.

People debate about it, but I'm decided. I'm a thrower who lifts, not a lifter who throws. Mega strength? Not really my bag. I want to develope technique that's unmatched and stay as physically and mentally healthy as possible.

The quick shout outs to all the people that are wonderful sources of motivation and entertainment though my year: The whole Orange County Highlander team of knuckle heads. My beautiful supportive girlfriend. My Arizona friends and throwers, phx and Tucson guys! The pros, masters, A's B's C's lightweights, and women who have the heart to stand me on the field. Judges, ADs, organizers, markers, shaggers, and that poor kid that took the caber to the head that i laughed at till I pissed my self .And all the volunteers!

Special thanks to: Sport Kilt for their generous help along my journey. The MacDonald family for continued support till the last throw. and everyone who ever came out to a game and said 'hmm, that's cool'

If I knew 1 person ever to stick with highland games because of me, I would be satisfied!

Without you all I would be lost. Thank you!

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