Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's all the way on! Crap video.

The season is off to a great start! Early march we threw in beautiful Sonora California. Hell of a drive for a short event full of ren fairies galore...either way it went well. Early in the season PRs were a plenty, it went like this:
Braemar: 27ft (pr)
Open stone: 31'10"
Heavy weight: 25'6"
Light weight: 52'5"
Heavy hammer: 77'5"
Light hammer: 104'8" (pr)
Sheaf(16lb): 24'
Wob: 11' smashing the bar at 12'

Threw Phoenix last weekend, had a blast. Absolutely wonderful watching the top A class guys like Adam Brezina, Jake Sullivan, Jon O'Neil, ect. the pros are always so cool to hang with and watch. Mucho props to Matt and Andy Vincent, Ryan Stewart, John Oddin ect. The B class guys were all stand up athletes except me, I'm just a tattooed asshole throwing his ass off to let out aggression from the freeways in Los Angeles. But it works out!
Open stone PR at 34' and change
Light weight PR at 59' and change
Light hammer PR at 106'8". !!!
2nd overall.

I need to work on wob and stones like bad bad.

Phoenix woman's world series, wow, what a bunch of crazy ass athletic strong talented women! Every single one of the absolute sweethearts also. These girls are my hero(in)s of the weekend by a long shot. Kristy Scott shooting a 19 foot WOB for a world record! Kate Burton and Adriane Wilson shooting it out field record after field record with Kate coming in a mere couple points under Adriane.

So I decided I needed to lift today because Vegas is coming and so is summer, and we all know how good I pull off a bikini...

135 x 5
225 x 5 x 2
315 x 5 x 2

Rack pulls from just above the knee
545 for 1 nasty rep for justacause' with the dog hanging out.

Click the damn thing for video.

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