Monday, July 23, 2012

winding down

so its been a while, and one hell of a season in the middle. with a few games left in my season I'll have covered 4 U.S. states and 2 different countries for competition. Despite moving twice, living 80 miles from my training field and the O.C. Highlanders, this donkey pressed on!

my throws are really suffering towards the end here. its kind of discouraging out on the field but I have to take into account that I've been traveling every weekend since January and when I can get a practice in, I'm so tired that i really dont want to. lifting has become bleak at this point....

but its over. Ive got a few months, from now till October to get my shit straight. Im back in the Bully Box. I want to hit the weights hard and get some good practice in and make the last California games in Ventura worth a crap. Tucson after that in November then its the off season of lift, lift, lift, throw, throw, throw. Ive packed on a few (several, PLENTY even) pounds through the months and I hope to use those more efficiently to throw around. I want to trim down a bit and throw a LOT farther. end.

This year all the people in the highland community have really helped me get through things. some I may see once a year, and some I may see 10+ times a year, no matter the frequency they are all like a family to me and I am so grateful for having all of them in my life!

Without the love and support of my family and friends I wouldn't be able to continue competing.
special thanks to the MacDonalds for traveling to most of our games and always being there and cheering me on (plus putting up with me every weekend AND feeding me, thats a tall order and I really do appreciate you people), Heather MacDonald for being super supportive of all my decisions. Sport Kilt for helping me get where I'm going and keeping me looking like a million bucks. the list goes on and on. If I attempt to list everyone I will have to edit this thousands of times to add people I may forget, so know I wont forget you, and your included in everyone.

plans: Ventura in October, Tucson in November, train like i mean it in the off season and come out stronger than ever, Next year I'm throwing A class. even if I come in last every games, I need the push and knowledge of skilled throwers to help me advance. I want to be bigger, faster, stronger, and a better athlete. I need you all to stay with me because you're the reason I'm here!



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